Terms & Conditions

Umbilical Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Collection

Our Company Information

1. We are Phlebotomy UK Ltd ('PUK'), a company registered in England under company number 07560378 with registered address at 24 The Strand, Derby, DE1 1BE. Our contact information is as follows: -

Phlebotomy UK Ltd
24 The Strand

Tel: 01332 380 777
24 Hour: 07740 278 766
Fax: 01332 639 975

Email: office@phlebotomy-uk.co.uk

Web: www.phlebotomy-uk.co.uk

Our term and conditions detailing our engagement with you are as follows: -

Our Service & Responsibilities

2. PUK will provide a qualified phlebotomist, specifically trained to collect umbilical cord blood ("UBC") and umbilical cord tissue ("UCT"), to attend the birthing facility at the time of delivery.

3. You will be allocated a specific phlebotomist when you make your booking. They will become your primary contact to manage your collection and they will remain on call for you 24 hours per day until the collection has been completed.

4. You will also be allocated a second phlebotomist who will act as a backup should there be any problems with your primary phlebotomist on the day of the collection.

5. When on site, the phlebotomist will collect a sample of umbilical cord blood and if required, a sample of umbilical cord tissue.

6. The phlebotomist will also take a sample of maternal blood on the day of the delivery.

7. PUK will keep on record you personal details including you expected date of delivery, your location and your contact details. This personal information will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

8. PUK operates under a Third Party Umbilical Blood Procurement Agreement with Cells4Life Group LLP (HTA License Number 11083), Future Health Technologies Ltd (HTA License Number 22503) and Smart Cells International Ltd (HTA License Number 22522).

9. All phlebotomists will carry a PUK identification badge, a copy of the relevant Human Tissue Authority license and a letter of authorization from PUK signed by the expectant mother confirming their wish for UCB collection.

10. Please note that all collections must be performed at a suitable birthing facility i.e. a hospital or your home. Collections are not permitted to be done in cars or car parks.

Potential Issue with the Collection

11. Occasionally there are certain circumstances which may prevent the collection from taking place. These can include the following:-

a. Where a collection could place the health of the mother or baby at risk.

b. Where the placentas and/or umbilical cord is damaged during the delivery.

c. Where the parents have not provided the relevant collection kit.

d. Where parents have been too late in contacting the phlebotomist resulting in delays to the phlebotomist attending site.

e. Where for any reason the phlebotomist is refused entry to the maternity unit of the hospital.

12. PUK will not accept any responsibility for the transport of samples to the laboratory or any liability for any financial arrangements with the laboratory. This is arranged by parents in accordance with the procedures and terms and conditions of the laboratory.

Your Responsibilities

1. Before registering for a collection with PUK you must have in place an agreement with a suitable laboratory for the processing and storage of UCB and/or UCT.

2. The laboratory will provide you with the collection kit which will be used for the UCB and/or UCT procurement. You should ensure that the kit available to the phlebotomist upon their arrival at the hospital.

3. You should ensure that UCB and/or UCT procurement is included in your birth plan.

4. You must inform the maternity department, midwives and obstetricians that it is your wish to have UCB and/or UCT collected and that this will be done by a representative of PUK. It is important to ensure that their consent has been given for the collection.

5. You must contact your phlebotomist as soon as labour begins. You should keep in regular telephone contact with your phlebotomist to ensure they arrive in good time to perform the collection.

6. In the unlikely event that there is a problem in contacting your phlebotomist you should call your backup phlebotomist.

7. In the highly unlikely event that there is a problem contacting either phlebotomist, you should call the 24 hour emergency number on 07740 278 766. Our representative will be able to arrange alternative cover for the collection.

8. Please make your phlebotomist aware should the place of delivery change to a location different from that provided to your phlebotomist during your initial consultation.

9. When the phlebotomist has completed the collection they will return to you the collection kit containing your samples of UCB and/or UCT. At this point you will be asked to sign our procurement report and the phlebotomist will leave.

10. After receiving the collection kit from the phlebotomist it is then your responsibility to arrange the transit of the sample to the laboratory following the courier procedures provided to you by the laboratory.