Our Services

We are Phlebotomy UK, specialists in the procurement of umbilical cord blood and tissue. We pride ourselves in delivering a high quality and stress free service to all of our clients and this is why we are the preferred service provider to all of the major cord blood & tissue banks in the UK today.

Upon booking our service you will be allocated two experienced Phlebotomists. They will remain on call for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week until the procurement of your child's umbilical cord blood and in some cases, cord tissue has taken place.

The first phlebotomist will be your primary contact designated to attend the birthing facility and perform the collection. The second phlebotomist will act as a backup, being available on the day of the birth to perform the collection should there be any problems with your primary contact.

Our phlebotomists are all specifically trained in the procurement of umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. Each one is authorised to perform collections under the third party agreements we hold with each of the UK cord blood & tissue banks, all of which are registered with and governed by the Human Tissue Authority. All of our phlebotomists have full CRB clearance and have to have a full health screening each year.

In addition to your two assigned phlebotomists, you will also have access to our 24 hour emergency contact line which is permanently manned by one of our experience collections co-ordinators.

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